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Among the big cities, there are only three where more people moved in to than left. Can you guess which ones are these?

The numbers are published by based on the data of the KSH, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, reported. Among the big and county cities of Hungary, the balance is only positive in the case of three places.

The first one is Érd, 

where the number of the population grew by 952. The second place went to Győr, where this number is 237, while the third is Szombathely, where there are 88 more residents than in 2018.

Érd has been popular for a long time because it is close to the capital, it has a good infrastructure and traffic, and one can easily reach Budapest on the M1 motorway, László Balogh, leading economic expert of, said. Thus, it is not surprising that the number of people interested per real estate, which is an important factor showing how popular a region, a district, or a town is, grew by 10 pc this year.

The other two big cities are popular because

the Western part of the country was always attractive, 

and Győr is industrially the most developed Hungarian city where there are many jobs. Budapest is in the worst situation in this regard, ending 2018 with a 6,000 minus. The Hungarian capital is followed by Debrecen and Szeged with minus 781 and minus 502.

Among smaller cities, places in Pest county are the most popular. Szigetszentmiklós is the first, then come Veresegyház, Dunaharaszti, and Göd.

Interestingly, there are two villages near Lake Velence that made it to the 20 most popular places in Hungary. Wellness centres like Hajdúszoboszló, Siófok, or Balatonalmádi are also in the cutting edge.

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