13% of Hungarian employees receive a 13th-month wage which is gross 270,000 HUF on average. This is the 91% of the national gross average monthly wage, 295,000 HUF. Hvg.hu compared Hungarian data with that of the surrounding countries.

The end-of-year bonus (not to be confused with the 13th-month wage) is different from the other bonus: it is decided by personal performance and the company’s performance in the given year.

24% of Hungarian employees received this bonus, in 235,000 HUF value, which is 80% of the national average.

The research conducted by Fizetések.hu in 11 countries shows that 44% of employees in Croatia receive 13th pay, in Slovenia, the rate is 33%, in most of the countries asked the rate is around 15%. Surprisingly, only 4% of Finnish employees are granted this bonus.

Hungary is in the third place regarding the end-of-year bonuses: only Slovakians (27%) and Czechs (25%) receive this bonus in a more prominent proportion. Finnish workers are in the fourth place with 19%, but Serbia is among the last regions in both categories: 8% receive a 13th pay and 10% an end-of-year bonus.

How much?

Naturally, it matters how much money these workers get. In Hungary, the quantity of the payment received for the 13th month is the highest among the countries examined. Right after Hungary, comes Slovakia with 250,000 HUF worth of euros and the Czech Republic with 230,000 HUF worth Czech crown. Serbians receive only 150,000 HUF, that is the 86% of their average wage.

Regarding bonuses, Finland is way ahead of the rest of the countries:

Finnish employees receive on average 750,000 HUF at the end of the year, so it is clear why they do not need the 13 month pay.

Lithuania (270,000 HUF) and the Czech Republic (260,000 HUF) are also ahead of Hungary.

 About the survey

Fizetesek.hu is part of Paylab.com international wage surveying. Besides Hungary, it is present in 10 more Eastern Central European countries, and Finland: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: hvg.hu

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