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As it is revealed by online financial service PayPal’s international survey, Hungarian people value Hungary’s attractiveness: 92 percent of the Hungarian respondents would recommend Hungary to foreigner tourists.

The international survey Travel Report 2017 was carried out by Gfk in June of 2017 in Poland, Hungary, Greece and the Czech Republic. Five thousand people responded all together, as reports. The sample from Hungary consisted of 1014 people, who had been in one of the Eastern Central European countries at least once during the last 3 years.

The results are interesting. 42 percent would recommend Budapest as the most favorable attraction in Hungary, while 41 percent named Lake Balaton.

The survey reveals that among the Hungarian tourists who went to an Eastern Central European country during the last three years, 47 percent traveled to Croatia, 45 percent to Slovakia and 34 percent to Romania.

There is a connection between the destination and the type of the travel. 80 percent of the Hungarian respondents have gone to rest in Eastern Central Europe, 38 percent went for cultural reasons, 14 percent to visit family and friends, and 13 percent attended an event. There were also alternate purposes like going shopping (11 percent) or going for a business trip (9 percent).

The most popular season for travelling is summer and the typical duration is one week.

The sum an average Hungarian tourist usually spends (40 percent) is between approximately 240 and 485 euros.

Hungarian tourists usually choose the method of payment due to safety reasons (77 percent) or considering comfort (57 percent).

Talking about method of payment: 78 percent of Hungarian tourists pay the expenses of the journey with cash and 32 percent with credit card. The race of online and offline paying methods is obviously won by the former: only 42 percent prefers paying offline.

26 percent of the Hungarian respondents used PayPal during their last trip.

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