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It is a well-known fact that many movies and music videos are shot in Hungary, especially in Budapest, as the capital has excellent locations and wonderful sights. In some cases, the city is easily recognisable, but there are videos where it is hard to see. And on the other hand, Hungary is not only featured as a location in videos but sometimes objects and symbols represent our culture, too. Here are five examples.

Antonio Banderas – Oh, What a Circus

The famous musical Evita was released in 1996. The movie shows the incredible and tragic life of Eva Peron, who was an Argentinian actress and politician. In the movie, Eva Peron is portrayed by Madonna, and her partner in the film is Antonio Banderas. In a scene where Banderas sings, they are on the streets of Buenos Aires, which is actually the area of the Opera House in Budapest. The set is so perfect that we can hardly recognise our own capital.

Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama

Lopez is not only a successful actress but also a singer from 1999 when she released her debut studio album On the 6. Since then, she performed many hit songs and also played in many well-known movies. In her 2016 song ‘Ain’t Your Mama’, Hungary is not a location but featured in the video. In a scene where Lopez enters an office, she suddenly grabs one of the most famous Hungarian inventions, the Rubic’s Cube, out of a man’s hands.

Jennifer Lopez, Hungary, video
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Lady Gaga – Poker Face

This is another music video which was not shot in Hungary, but our culture is featured in it. The debut single of the American singer Lady Gaga was frequently played in 2007 and was also Gaga’s first music video featuring a little bit of Hungary in it. But where exactly? The answer can be seen on Gaga’s hands. Yes! Those gloves are not just ordinary ones but the world-famous and iconic Hungarian Pécs gloves.

Lady Gaga, Hungary, video
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Selena Gomez & The Scene – Round & Round

This exciting, almost spy movie-like music video takes place in Budapest nine years ago in May. Along with singing on a stage with the Scene, the video features Gomez acting as a secret agent and donning spy apparel as she plants bugs, takes photos, passes off packages, and other duties. Besides the capital’s iconic sights like the St. Stephens Basilica, Parliament, Liberty Bridge, and Buda Castle, the hidden streets of the city are also featured in the music video.

Myléne Farmer – Désenchantée

One of the most famous French songs of all time also got a music video filmed in Hungary. Shot for five days (from 18 to 23 February 1991) in Budapest, Hungary, with a budget of about 240,000 euros, this video was one of the longest at the time (10:12) and used many extras: 119 children and many Hungarian actors. There is another version shortened to four minutes. The video for the single features a riot in what appears to be a concentration camp or gulag facility where adults and children are subjected to forced labour and being treated abysmally by armed guards. The riot scenes are quite realistically shot and contain much violence.








Source: Daily News Hungary

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  1. You forgot Katy Perry’s Fireworks which features among others the Chain Bridge, Astoria and the Buda castle.

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