Photographer Róbert Molnár has been making drone videos about Lake Balaton and its neighbourhood for some time. He recently showed us the beautiful Balaton Uplands area, and now we’d like to share a few more of his videos that prove how amazing Hungary is.

The first video shows Ság Hill, which lies in Kemenesalja, in the eastern part of Vas County. Today, a nature reserve is found here where basalt was mined once. A huge cross-shaped Trianon monument is found on top of the hill, which is one of the most imposing monuments commemorating the treaty. Moreover, the area is part of the Somló wine region.

The next video features the Somló Hill, which is a 431 metres tall volcanic monadnock found in the eastern part of the Marcal Basin. Its name comes from former times, when the hill was entirely covered by cornel (som). It is also a famous wine region and forms part of the Balaton Uplands National Park.

Lastly, let’s admire the beautiful sunflower fields of Uraiújfalu found in Vas County. They are the most important oil crops in Hungary.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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