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MTI by Biró István

By the 4pm deadline on Saturday for registering to vote abroad, more than 16 percent of eligible Hungarian voters, or 8,800, had done so in London.

During the elections of the National Assembly voters do not have a domicile or registered residence in Hungary may cast their vote on party lists and may also stand for election as a candidate. The right to vote will be also granted on the occasion of national referenda, the National Election Office (NVI) said.

Altogether 53,515 may vote in the April 8 general election,

according to data gathered so far from Hungary’s 118 embassies and consulates. This number excludes those who registered on Friday and Saturday, so this figure is likely to increase, the National Election Office (NVI) said.

Four years ago, fully 28,161 voters registered at foreign missions.

Hungary’s election authorities and diplomats are making contingency measures to ensure that voting can proceed smoothly at the London venue, which is expected to see the highest numbers of people casting their ballots.

As we wrote before, Jobbik PM candidate Vona criticised the government for its failure to offer the opportunity of voting by mail to everyone affected, only to ethnic Hungarians living abroad. He said the government’s opposition to voting by mail must be motivated by party policy interests. Read more HERE.

According to official election site, there are 15 diplomatic missions besides the one in London where more than 900 people will cast their votes:

  • Munich (4,589)
  • Stuttgart (3,257)
  • The Hague (2,308)
  • Bern (2,268)
  • Berlin (2,147)
  • Beregsburg (1,937)
  • Vienna (1,931)
  • Brussels (1,928)
  • Miercurea Ciuc/Csíkszereda (1,521)
  • Manchester (1,493)
  • Dublin (1,228)
  • Paris (1,216)
  • Copenhagen (1,153)
  • New York
  • Edinburgh

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