Budapest, April 26 (MTI) – Elod Toaso, a Hungarian national released from a Bolivian prison in February, and Mario Tadic, a Croat, have been rescued from Bolivia by the Baptist Charity “with technical help” of Hungary’s foreign ministry, the charity said on Sunday.

The two men were rescued on Friday, after Bolivia’s reluctance to grant Toaso a passport and the Bolivian government’s “violation of several provisions of the plea bargain” under which Toaso and Tadic had been released, the charity said in a statement. The document added that the two men had not felt safe in Bolivia and asked for Hungary’s help.

Csaba Lukacs, a member of the charity, told public television news channel M1 that Toaso is currently in Chile, and he is to be followed by his family in the next few days.

The charity’s statement said that Toaso was expected to arrive in Hungary on Monday afternoon.

Toaso had been held in pre-trial detention in Bolivia since April 2009, when Bolivian special forces cracked down on what was believed to be a terrorist unit in Santa Cruz. Bolivian-Hungarian Rozsa-Flores, ethnic Hungarian from Romania Arpad Magyarosi and Irish citizen Martin Dwyer died in the attack. Toaso was arrested and was kept in detention under suspicion of participating in an armed uprising and terrorism.

Photo: MTI


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