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Bangladeshi siamese twins, who is operated by Hungarian plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon, Screenshot: Youtube

The countdown has begun: In only 48 hours the Hungarian surgeon team will start one of the operations to separate the twins, Rabia and Rukia. In the next procedure, one of the doctors, Dr Gergely Pataki will implant a tissue expander under their skin. reports that the countdown has begun for the Bangladeshi siamese twins: In 48 hours they will be under two doctors’ knives: Dr Gergely Pataki (plastic surgeon), who prepares the twins’ scalps for the final-separation and Dr András Csókay (neurosurgeon), who will actually make the separation part of the  operation.

Dr István Hudák has already done surgeries on the twins in Bangladesh for separating the main suppliers of their brain vasculature, which lasted 14 hours in total.  The doctors of ‘Cselekvés a Kiszolgáltatottakért’ (Action for the Vulnerable Foundation) said “In case there will be no major complications after the operation (in August 2018), then at the end of January (2019) tissue expandation will be done on the twins, the time is up now, and both of the twins are fine.”

The expandation will be done with a special plastic surgical tissue expander, and it will probably take about 100 days. Afterwards they can start to separate the cerebrum from the skull in May 2019.

This is all necessary because they will have to replace the missing tissue parts after the separation with something. The extra amount of skin, will be used for replacing the scalp and the soft tissues, on the deficit parts caused by the final separation, and where we need to establish the meninges and the skull – said the doctor team’s representative to Ripost.

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The girls are supported by their family who also come a long way from Bangladesh, and they even got accommodation and catering from the Foundation. Although they are in our beautiful capital Budapest, still they can’t take a look and enjoy it because the twins must be protected from any infections that could harm them. So they can only go around the Hospital, and they only can see the doctors and their team.

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