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Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – The Hungarian government’s position regarding the Paks II nuclear upgrade project is that it involves no state aid, and is a profitable investment even amid free market conditions, the prime minister’s office said in a statement on Wednesday.

The office responded to an official statement by Austria sent to the European Commission on Wednesday, in which the country complains that the Paks project had received illegal state aid for the “use of an unprofitable technology which would distort competition on the electricity market”. Energy producers using renewables in a cost efficient way could be prevented from reaching markets or could be squeezed out, the statement by the Austrian economy ministry said.

The Prime Minister’s Office said Austria’s complaint is not unexpected as their anti-nuclear position had been known for years, even in connection with the UK’s Hinkley Point nuclear project. However, the European Commission had examined the Paks plans in detail and had not identified anything pointing to state aid in nearly two years, it said.


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  1. So what the F! does Austria care if the PAKS2 is unprofitable? So where is the proof of state aid? I think some Migrants need to go in to the Government offices and declare Sharia law to straighten this bunch out, once and for all.

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