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Hungary to cover most of energy needs from carbon-free resources, says IT minister in NY

Hungary to cover most of energy needs from carbon-free resources, says IT minister in NY

Hungary is on the path to cover 95 percent of its energy needs from resources free from carbon dioxide, Innovation and Technology Minister László Palkovics said, addressing a United Nations (UN) meeting on sustainable development goals in New York on Wednesday.

“This means mostly nuclear energy”, the minister said, adding that geothermal, biogas and solar energy will also be used extensively.

Speaking on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting reviewing the results of the sustainable development goals, which the UN accepted in 2015, Palkovics told MTI that

he had reported on the related goals and results in Hungary, especially in the fields of water management, clean energy, sustainable urban and village development and responsible production and consumption.


Water quality and safety are at a high level in Hungary, with access to public utilities above 80 percent, Palkovics said. Under the “water diplomacy”, initiated by President János Áder,

Hungary is supporting other countries in establishing water safety and improving water quality, he said.

Hungary spends 2.7 million dollars a year on such projects, he said. Hungary also “spends a lot” on education, training Hungarian water engineers as well as professionals from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Palkovics said.

Hungary aims to establish a “green economy”, Palkovics said, and “switch to electronic vehicles in public transport”.

While in New York, the minister opened an exhibition on the life and work of eminent Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865), a pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Palkovics lauded Semmelweis’s resilience and the practical implementation of his research.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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