The day when Hungary reaches 2.5 million administered vaccine doses has finally arrived. Based on the laws currently in effect regarding the pandemic, the reopening of the country will automatically happen. The first step will involve shops and services. Keep reading to know what to expect this week.

As Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, restrictions can only slow down the British variant of the virus, but they cannot eradicate it.

Based on his announcement, the future of restrictions to fight covid will be linked to the progress of the vaccination programme. According to this,

the first phase of reopening the country starts once 2.5 million jabs have been administered.

The government decided on this number to be the threshold based on their estimates of vaccinating all those over 65 who registered to get the vaccine by this time, reports

On the other hand, according to many experts, this 25% is very far from the desired 70-80% of herd immunity. Moreover, the Chief Medical Officer said last Friday that 80% of this group has already received at least their first jab, meaning that 20% of them need to be inoculated over the course of only some days.

In his interview on Good Friday, PM Viktor Orbán already referred to the big day when the country can finally start to open again. He gave a rather concrete date: one or two days after Easter Monday, shops and services can resume work.

Today, Hungary has reached 2.5 million administered coronavirus vaccine doses, meaning that the gradual reopening of the country can start tomorrow. 

Since the need for restrictions is linked to the situation of the pandemic, unless the government changes its mind and rewrites its own decree, here are the rules by which we will live, starting from tomorrow: 

  • The curfew will last from 10 pm until 5 am;
  • Shops will be able to stay open longer, until 9:30 pm;
  • The shops (clothes shops, shops in malls, furniture shops) that are currently closed and have been since March 8 can open, on a square-metre basis. 1 costumer/10 square metres/shop;
  • Temporary security measures involving several services will no longer be in effect, meaning that hairdressers and beauty salons and further services can also open – however, under different rules;
  • Nevertheless, businesses of the hospitality sector still cannot open; only the employees can be present at the workplace. Customers can only enter the restaurant to pick up their order. Hotels will remain closed.

In the case of services requiring personal appearance, waiting in front of the business providing a service or in front of a shop in a mall, customers need to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
Based on the decrees currently in effect, the second phase of the reopening would happen on April 19, with the reopening of schools and kindergartens. Certain organisations and experts, however, have asked the government to reconsider this decision.

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  1. Victor Orban and the Hungarian Government proceed totally disrespectful of Scientific Medical Advice and from numbers of eminent virologists that have continually warned the Government of Hungary – re-opening on April 8th, is extremely premature, with the raging novel virus cases still being witnessed daily out of the Hungarian population.
    Death to population of 9.6 million Hungarian citizens – ration of deaths 1 in ever 423 citizens and increasing.
    2.5 million either Vaccinated by 1 injection awaiting there 2nd dosage – and those citizens who have received x2 injections of the vaccine that by medical terminology this is called Immunized – plus citizens that have contacted and recovered from this deadly novel virus.
    These (3) categories when combined would represent appoximately 30% of the 9.6 million population of Hungary.
    Scientific Medical Science and eminent virologists – remain un-moved in there opinion that 30% is dangerously to low a population percentage of vaccinated and Immunized citizens – in the fight that is presented by this 3rd wave of this novel virus.
    Virologists based on Scientific Medical Data and the character and the transmitting to humans behaviour of this novel coronavirus -that Herd Immunization that’s by x2 injections of a vaccine, the current figures and into the immediate future being daily witnessed in Hungary – that 80% of the Hungarian population needs to be Immunized.
    We re-open with 30% either vaccinated immunized or recovered – and the distance to make by virologist’s and Medical Science Data to reach 80% of Hungary immunized remains a Herculean exercise.
    We trust our Prime Minister and Government are right and prove Medical Science and those of eminency Wrong, but in time, a relative short space of time in fact, we will see who was Right and who was Wrong.

  2. what about the gyms ? now they are asking about special certificate does it mean from tomorrow they’ll be open again and register like normal ?

  3. As usual, Professor Caritas feels an urge to lecture Hungary’s democratically-elected Government.

    Perhaps it is because he was NOT consulted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban or maybe he has nothing better to do than shout his message from the rooftops of Budapest (something akin to calling the faithful to prayer in a Muslim country).

    Whatever the reason, dear Professor, please return to your slumber and stop being such a nuisance.

  4. “see who was Right and who was Wrong”
    The people are always right. They have all their God-given rights at all times.
    You pretentious morons. You stole those rights. You give them back salamitaktic, based on your fake thresholds and scam measurements. You prey on the gullible. You should all quit. You are all evil.

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