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Ethnic Hungarian organisations in Romania should jointly rework an ethnic minority bill that has been “stuck” in the Romanian parliament for over 10 years, Katalin Szili, the Hungarian prime minister’s commissioner, said in an interview published in Romanian daily Bihari Napló on Wednesday.

In the interview, Szili suggested that Romania Hungarians work together on an education bill, too, and added that “Hungarian deputies should promote a position in the Romanian legislation which is backed by the whole Hungarian community.”

Concerning endeavors to achieve territorial autonomy for ethnic Hungarians living in a large bloc in Romania, Szili noted that ethnic Hungarian parties RMDSZ, MPP, and SZNT now agreed that, geographically, the desired status should cover the historical area of Szeklerland. Whether Romania’s constitution should be amended to grant autonomy to that region “can be decided when we are at the bridge; we should cross it once we have at all established dialogue with the Romanian majority”, she added.

Szili said she hoped that the Romanian government would realise that the Hungarian community is not seeking ways to break away from Romania but “to achieve self-government and self-determination within the Romanian state based on the European Union’s subsidiarity principle”.

“I ask the Romanian government and state for nothing other than to consider leaders of the Hungarian communities as partners and at least sit down with them and clarify the terminology,” Szili said in her interview.


Source: MTI

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