Budapest, March 7 (MTI) – The heads of the Public Service University in Budapest and Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, signed a five-year agreement on cooperation primarily in law enforcement and cybernetics in Budapest on Monday.

Addressing the event, Hungarian Interior Minister Sándor Pintér pledged the ministry’s full support to the project and mentioned plans to broaden cooperation to include more universities across Europe.

US Ambassador Colleen Bell said that the agreement signals prospective further cooperation between the two universities and the project will greatly contribute to strengthening US-Hungarian relations.

Réka Szemerkényi, Hungary’s ambassador to the United States, welcomed the cooperation and stated full support to the project.

Matthew D. Shank, the president of Marymount University, thanked the immense support for the cooperation project. He said the university has close to 4,000 students, and many of the graduates work later with the FBI and the CIA.

Photo: Public Service University (NKE) Facebook page


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