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A new Eurostat survey reveals shocking data about the amount of time citizens of each country spend doing physical activities. The survey reveals that one in four EU citizens spend no time at all with exercise, while it also turned out Romania is way ahead of Hungary when it comes to the activity levels of people.

The study focused on EU citizens over 16 in 2017 – reports VG. As it turns out, 28% of EU citizens spent no time doing any kind of exercise. However, most of the citizens did some kind of sports, fitness or physical activities outside of work.

27% of those asked revealed that they spent a maximum of three hours doing exercise on an average week. 17% defined this amount of time between 3-5 hours, while a little more than 25% said that they dedicated at least 5 hours to work out.

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In most EU member states, at least half of the population did some kind of exercise regularly, while the EU average is 72% when it comes to those doing some kind of physical activities outside of work. There are ten countries in the EU where more people work out regularly than the EU average, while thirteen countries have worse statistics than the overall average. Spain, Poland and Luxembourg are in line with the EU average. (Note: Estonia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom and Slovakia were excluded from the survey as Eurostat deemed the data collected there unreliable.)

The fittest country in the EU turned out to be Romania (when Eurostat’s data about exercising outside of work is considered). Almost everybody, an incredible 96% do something active in their free time.

Other countries leading the list include the Netherlands and Denmark, while Germany, Finland, Slovenia and Sweden also ended up in respectable places on the list.

Hungary – lots of people drink and smoke, but at least suicide rates have dropped?!

On the other hand, there are two countries where people dedicate absolutely no time to doing exercise. The laziest countries of the EU are Croatia, where only one in three work out regularly every week, and Portugal, where only 45% reported doing something active outside of work.

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Unfortunately, Hungary did not do very well, either. Only half the population works out regularly every week, which means that

Hungary, along with Cyprus, is the third most passive country in the EU.

A fifth of Hungarians spends a maximum of three hours every week working out. One in ten said they spent three to five hours exercising, while 18% revealed spending more than five hours on an average week being active.


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