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Photo by Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – The Hungarian government has welcomed a second-instance decision by the Covasna (Kovaszna) County Court in Romania to annul a fine against the Hungarian Civic Party for organising a commemoration on June 4, 2014, National Cohesion Day, where participants sang the Hungarian national anthem.

The official ruling of the court said the organisers did not break the law by singing the national anthem and rejected the county prefect’s appeal of the first-instance decision to annul the fine of 5000 lei (EUR 1,130).

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen told MTI in a statement that the Tuesday ruling made it clear that the earlier decision by the county prefect to fine the party was unlawful.

Semjen said it would be “unacceptable” for anyone in a European Union member state to be punished for singing their national anthem. Such a mentality is reminiscent of Ceausescu’s dictatorship, which has now fallen for good, Semjen said. He said Hungarians living in Covasna County rightfully expect an apology from county prefect Sebastian Cucu.


  1. no, hungary refuses to enter the 21st century. hungarians in romania have more and better rights than any other minority in europe. but their politicians incite hatred towards the Romanians. They treat the Romanians in szekely region as second class citizens. their mayors refuse to put the flag of romania near that of szekely and that of hungary (?!). they force them to learn the hungarian language and forget their native language. romanians in eastern transylvania are feeling like the native americans when the british arrived. or like in apartheid south africa. hungarians came from siberia 1000 years ago and stole transylvania from romanians and now they think they are some sort of nobility there. no, they are a bunch of racist like viktor orban and the pathetic nation he rules with an iron fist

  2. @alex,
    First of all Szekely’s were szekelys a tribe that fought off the Mongol hordes, Tatar, and Muslim hordes while the south slavs (Roma, Dacs, Wlacs) and northern slavs (Dacs, etc.) Szekely’s spoke Magyar so they have always been considered a tribe of the Huns. They have had their own Flag and Kingdom forever.
    You pussys had the land given to you, as you and your Ceaucescu vagrants, sucked it all up. Don’t worry, lol! Watch you backs and not from the Szekely’s who meant you no harm, but from Putin who you screwed especially with Transnistria and the South Stream Oil project. Your gonna get yours soon, lol. While we all laugh and watch!

  3. What a bunch of hypocritical thugs these Ceaucescu commie pricks are. Although the Romanian army caught him and the wife, and put them before a firing squad. His former leutenants and generals still need to be rounded up and put to the same. I’m sure this is coming shortly, from the north and south parts of this sorry country.

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