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Hungary wins two special prizes at Bocuse d’Or 2017 – Photos

Hungary wins two special prizes at Bocuse d’Or 2017 – Photos

Almost reaching the podium and overtaking the host French team, Chef Tamás Széll and his team finished in the 4th place out of 24 countries at the 30th Bocuse d’Or chef competition in Lyon. Széll first took part in the competition in 2013, when he finished in the 10th place. writes that the American team won the gold medal, the Norwegians became the second and Iceland won the bronze medal. The Hungarian team won the special prize for best meat plate and people’s choice award for best poster. The French won the prize for best commis and best vegetable plate. This was the first time that a non-European country won Bocuse d’Or.

The jury evaluated the plating, the flavours, the cleanness, the sustainability and hygiene of the kitchen and gave points according to these aspects. Tamás Széll said that it would’ve been great to finish in the 1-3 places, but considering his quick growth, he is satisfied.

“We made history with this 4th place” said Zoltán Hamvas, the president of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy.

At the Lyon world final 24 countries competed during two days. Tamás Széll prepared his vegan plate and meat plate on the first competition day, 24th of January.

“The Hungarian team managed to do everything according to the plans, so we were looking forward to the award ceremony with high hopes” said the president of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy.

The representation of the national character was especially important at this year’s competition. Tamás Széll and his team achieved this with using one of the traditional elements of Hungarian gastronomy, pickling, and the visualisation of the atmosphere and ingredients of Hungarian forests.

For the vegan plate called Under the roots and leaves they used – among others – Tokaj wine, Tokaj vinegar, pumpkinseed, pickled forest bear leek, celery, Hungarian truffle and paprika, while they used ingredients like Tokaj furmint and aszú wines, hog ham and lard, duck liver and pickled root vegetables for the meat plate called Hungarian winter forest.

The Hungarian team was accompanied to Lyon with the biggest fan group ever, more than 300 people supported them.

Photos: MTI


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