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Budapest, March 24 (MTI) – The terrorist attack in Brussels was meant as a message not just to the Belgian capital, but to the European Union as a whole, obliging the government to make every effort to tighten security, Hungary’s foreign minister said on Thursday.

szijjarto peterPéter Szijjártó told a press conference that the Hungarian government is responsible for keeping the people safe, adding that all forms of counter-terrorism are justified.

The minister noted that Belgian authorities have yet to identify all the victims of the attack. Official sources still indicate that only two Hungarians were hurt in the blasts, he added.

Szijjártó expressed hope that the events in Brussels will have a “sobering effect” on “hypocritical European politics” and show that the uncontrolled inflow of migrants increases the threat of terrorism and reduces public safety. It must also be realised that the efforts to integrate migrants who arrived in Europe in the past have often failed, he added.

“We do not want parallel societies in Europe, areas where even the police are unwilling to enter”, he said.

Szijjártó said the flow of information between services in Europe needs to be streamlined. A new era has started, with the threat of terrorism “living with us in everyday life”, he added.

Photo: MTI


  1. Security measures against terrorism should not mean killing thousands of innocent families with children by raising walls and denying the most elementary christian hospitality to people who believed blindly all Europeans are
    able to face organizational challenges.
    At present I am not very proud of my Hungarian origins.

  2. These kind of attacks have sent a message, but nobody is really learning. Unfortunately the massive intake of migrants continues. Only Hungary has the courage to actually respond with rapid and strong measures

  3. @Gisella,
    It’s clear your out of touch with the news and the number of people Hungary has taken in under asylum. No where ever did was it allowed to violently march through and demand right’s regardless of where your from. Be glad your not in the U.S.of A. where coming across their borders like so, your would definately be shot. I’m proud of my asylum seeking parents who had fled Hungary under the brutal Socialist system. They told me all about it. There was no christian hospitality anywhere near as good as these migrants are receiving today. Why should Europe flip an outrageous bill to support this, when the real refugees would be more at home and supported safer closer to the countries they fled under international aid.

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