(MTI) – Hungary’s new ambassador to Bucharest on Wednesday presented his credentials to the Romanian president, Traian Basescu.

zakonyi-botondBotond Zakonyi told MTI that among Hungary’s bilateral ties, that with Romania is perhaps the most complex. He added that during his mandate Hungarians living in Romania will be able to vote in the Hungarian elections for the first time, marking a historic moment. Romanian authorities will have to be kept abreast regarding the vote, which should be organised in line with democratic, international norms.

Zakonyi said better communication could help resolve a dispute that emerged in 2013 around the use of symbols in Hungarian-Romanian relations.

“It is an expectation on both sides that more information should be supplied regarding the other country; of visits, plans and ideas,” Zakonyi said. Both countries are open to pursue this [dialogue], he added.

A regards the dispute over using the Sekler flag or speaking in Hungarian in Transylvania, Zakonyi said the issue makes Romanian authorities turn against their own citizens. Hungary is under an obligation by its constitution to represent the interests of Hungarians living outside its borders, he said.

Under Romanian laws, a foreign diplomat becomes a full-fledged official upon presenting his credentials to the president.

Zakonyi (43) was previously director of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, and he also worked as a diplomat in Brussels, Bucharest and Moldova.

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Source: http://hungarymatter.hu/

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