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Hungary’s parliament to debate budget, tax bills

Hungary’s parliament to debate budget, tax bills

Budapest (MTI) – Lawmakers will start debating the 2018 budget bill this week with a total of 30 hours dedicated to the bill in the upcoming six-day session of parliament which will also include the debate of the cabinet’s tax bill.

Parliament’s session will begin on Monday afternoon with speeches prior to the agenda.

This will be followed by a final debate about committee reports on the proposals to be approved on Tuesday.

The schedule for Tuesday includes votes on the amendment of the law on advertisement tax and the reduction of the salaries of twelve opposition lawmakers. This will be followed by a five-hour general debate on the government’s tax bill, the discussion of a proposal on the foundations of next year’s budget and a debate about amending this year’s budget law.


The general debate of the 2018 budget bill will start on Wednesday with addresses by the economy minister, the head of the State Audit Office and the head of the Fiscal Council, as well as the party groups.

The budget bill will be debated in nearly 10 hours on Wednesday, 14 hours on Thursday and four hours on Friday.

Friday’s schedule also includes a debate on a proposal by the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats about setting up pension cooperatives.

The session will conclude on Monday May 22 with a political debate initiated by green opposition LMP about measures necessary for the economic and social development of rural Hungary.

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Source: MTI

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