Budapest, May 31 (MTI) – Ruling party Fidesz emphasised the constantly growing government financial support for children on International Day for Protection of Children, which Hungary observes on May 31 this year, while leftist opposition parties drew attention to child hunger.

More and more resources are reaching children, Fidesz said in a statement, noting that 320,000 children in nurseries and kindergartens will receive free meals from September.

At the heart of Fidesz policies, whether its tax system based on supporting families or the criminal justice system, is the idea that the child comes first, the party said. In July, families will receive a new allowance dubbed the “homemaking discount”, students will get free textbooks and there will be more places for toddlers in creches. From January, the subsidy for families with two children will increase and maternity benefits will be even more generous, the statement said.

The Socialist Party said in a statement that child hunger was Hungary’s biggest affliction, requiring urgent action. The party cited surveys suggesting that, on a conservative estimate, there are at least 50,000 seriously undernourished children living in Hungary and every second child is at risk of slipping into poverty.

The Democratic Coalition said in a statement that the 70 billion forints (EUR 227m) set aside for meals for children is less than half of the sum needed. Meanwhile the government is spending money on “luxury projects”, it added.

Photo: MTI


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