The list of the most popular Hungarian museums by TripAdvisor came out with some interesting results, reports. The top 10 list is dominated by a perhaps less known museum which nevertheless overtook the likes of the Hungarian National Museum or the National Gallery.

The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum took the No. 1 spot on the TripAdvisor travel website’s list, which was based on user-generated feedback. The Hospital in the Rock, deep beneath the Castle Hill, used to be an underground hospital and nuclear shelter in the 20th century. Around 200 wax figures, original furnishing, and hospital equipment helps visitors to experience the events and the atmosphere of the Second World War, 1956, and the Cold War.

The Hospital in the Rock overtook some of the most well-known museums in the country. Eight out of ten museums on the list are in Budapest, the other two are the Zsolnay Museum in Pécs and the Margit Kovács Museum in Szentendre.

  1. Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum, Budapest

Hospital and nuclear shelter turned museum in the caverns under Buda Castle, built in the 1930s.
1012 Budapest, Lovas Street 4/c.

  1. House of Terror Museum, Budapest

Museum display about the communist and fascist regimes in Hungary in the 20th century. The building that houses the exhibition used to be the headquarters of the secret police after WWII.
1062, Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 60

  1. Holocaust Memorial Center, Budapest

A renovated synagogue from the 1920s which is now a memorial and a museum that commemorates the Hungarian Jews killed in the Holocaust.
1094, Budapest, Páva Street 39.

  1. Zsolnay Museum, Pécs

The oldest residential building in Pécs houses the ceramics collection of the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture. The factory is known for its signature iridescent eosin glaze and pyrogranite ceramics.
7621, Pécs, Káptalan Street 2.
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  1. Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Permanent exhibition from the paintings of Victor Vasarely, a Hungarian-born artist who is considered the leading figure of the op art movement. The collection belongs to the Museum of Fine Arts, currently under construction, set to be opening in 2018.
1033, Budapest, Szentlélek Square 6.

  1. Margit Kovács Museum, Szentendre

Permanent exhibition of the works of Hungarian ceramist and sculptor Margit Kovács, a prominent figure in Hungarian ceramic art. For many years, it was the most visited museum in Hungary.
2000, Szentendre, Vastagh György Street 1.
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  1. Hungarian National Museum, Budapest

National museum displaying artefacts of Hungarian history, art, and archaeology. The museum played a central role in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.
1088, Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16.

  1. Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Located in Buda Castle the Hungarian National Gallery is the biggest art collection of the country. It also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions of international artists, such as the extremely popular Picasso exhibition, or the current display of Modigliani’s artworks.
1014, Budapest, Szent György Square 2.

  1. National Jewish Museum

Located in a building beside the Dohány Street Synagogue, the National Jewish Museum is Europe’s second biggest collection of Jewish artefacts. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of the works of Jewish artists.
1074, Budapest, Dohány Street 2.

  1. Ethnographic Museum

The museum displays Hungarian folk objects from the 19th century, including pottery, apparel, and furniture.
1055, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Square 12.

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