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Ice lolly shortage expected all over Europe

Ice lolly shortage expected all over Europe

According to, all of Europe should expect a shortage of ice lollies this season. Gábor Intődy, the Secretary of the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers, said that the cooling desserts would make it to the stores but they will probably be out of stock sooner than usual.

Intődy emphasised that ice lollies have a huge market, considering just the import turnover is over 3 billion dollars with over one ton of ice lollies. Add to that the fact that the global market is ever growing. However, as Intődy puts it,

the higher demands caused by global warming paired with labour shortage are likely to lead to a shortage of ice lollies all over Europe.

Contrary to the belief that, ice lollies being a seasonal dessert, manufacturers would be happy about the warm weather, it is important to keep in mind that certain key quality ingredients like fruits are harder to get to due to global warming. To quote Intődy, “Ice lolly manufacturers probably do not know whether to cry or laugh about the situation”.

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So, it seems like there will be a shortage of ice lollies all over Europe, although this does not mean that all the shelves will be empty. It does mean, however, that shops will probably be out of ice lollies quicker than usual.

The supply can get tight, on hotter days it can even run out completely.

In Hungary, on top of growing demands, the problem is enhanced by a labour shortage. Also, although there has not been a rise in ice lolly prices yet, it is best to be prepared to pay more for these products if their ingredients really do get more expensive.

Intődy gives room for hope, though: “Producers did not indicate that there will be any significant rise in the price of ice lollies”.

Nevertheless, you can always count on a few scoops of ice cream to cool down – check out these flavours!


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