No one can enter into any of the big supermarkets in Hungary in the wake of November without bumping into chocolate Santas, Christmas decorations, candles, reindeers and other ornaments that are inevitable parts of the annual Christmas preparations and celebrations.

It is only a few days since we commemorated All Saints’ Day and people already find themselves face-to-face with Christmas stuff in supermarkets. What is this haste for? Is there anyone who has already started buying the presents so early when more than a month is still ahead of us?

English countries

In England and in the United States, it is common practice that

the streets and homes are decorated with red and green ornaments months before Christmas.

People try to get every inch of their homes into the holiday spirit with creative ideas. The streets are illuminated with Christmas lights and snow balls, like the Harrods, while the shop windows are full of attractive products with the aim to fascinate consumers.

Harrods in Christmas mood /commons.wikimedia.org by Michael Caven/
Christmas light display on a house in Virginia /commons.wikimedia.org by Famartin/


In Hungary, there is also an interesting tendency: the supermarkets try to attract the consumers as early as possible, although 10-15 years ago, only around Advent could people begin to choose from the festive supplies.

Some people find

this early Christmas idea very illusion-shattering, provided that by the time Christmas comes, the festive mood flies away.

Some Hungarian respondents pointed out that this is only marketing tactics, and, in fact, we live in a consumer society where the earlier the shops start the advertising, the more money people are likely to spend. The ones against this early Christmas fever are more untrustworthy towards the purchasable products, and highlighted that it is worth examining the labels and the prices of the products on display, because some markets might fill up the shelves with the products of last year. Furthermore, a cardinal question is still left unanswered: how to explain the kids why there are already chocolate Santas in the shops in November?

Chocolate Santas in the shops

Other respondents, however, shed light on a different perspective. They emphasized that it is good to have ideas in advance and start the shopping tours in order to avoid the annual rush right before the celebrations. Indeed, some people, because of their jobs, just cannot find the time to do the necessary shopping in December. However, by doing it in advance, they avoid the long queues at the counter and the stress caused by the lack of time.

Budapest Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square

Although Christmas is more than a month away, the annually organised Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square is a must place to visit before the celebration, according to programturizmus.hu.

Starting from next week, from 10 November until 31 December, the Advent and Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square , has changed significantly in recent years. Every year, a professional jury decides about the quality products that can be displayed and purchased in the fair. Indeed, the event is also known for its high-quality cultural and children programmes that rightly make it popular among locals and visitors alike.


During the fair, as budapestbylocals.com reports, visitors can listen to folk music, jazz, crossover, alternative music, blues and soul music on the stage. As for the children, special handicraft activities and music and dance performances are organised. Furthermore, they can also try out how to make candles or cook ginger bread.

The square offers a fantastic venue for the fair to disrupt people from their everyday routine.

Christmas Fair in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica

Starting  from 24 November until 1 January in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the lovely venue in the center with its unique atmosphere  will undoubtedly put people in a Christmas mood.

With the cottage-style wooden stalls and the colourful lights, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere with traditional cookies, a cup of tea or mulled wine. The event, annually attracting thousands of tourists is rightly placed  among the 10 most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe.

Every day, children under 14 are invited to skate in the skating-rink where they can also borrow the necessary equipment. Furthermore, at weekends, they can also participate in free skate courses. The amazingly spectacular 3D light paintings onto the Basilica start every half an hour after dusk, so let yourself be enchanted by the performance .

If you are interested in the fair, you can also find a video about it here.

Christmas Fair Budapest /commons.wikimedia.org by Globetrotter19/
/commons.wikimedia.org by Karl Gruber/

So what are you waiting for?

The 1st snow fell at Kékestető on 30 October, Christmas products are already available in the shops, the Christmas fair is coming, so let’s listen to Mariah Carey and be adrifted by the coming celebration mood 🙂

Photos: pixabay.com; commons.wikimedia.org;  budapestinfo.hu; facebook.hu

Source: programturizmus.hu; budapestbylocals.com; adventiunnep.hu

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