Three more applicants withdrew their applications at UEFA, namely the Turkish, French and Swiss football associations, reports

The Swiss association decided so because the Euro 2008 was hosted by Switzerland and Austria in cooperation, hence the success of the application is questionable. The French side has similar reason as France will host the championship in 2016.

The Swiss locations for Euro 2020 would have been Basel while in France the national teams would have played in Lyon.

Later on Turkey also withdrew from hosting. They applied for the final and two semi finals. The explanation here was that Turkey would like to host a complete tournament, not just some of the matches, because in the country there are 13 stadiums suitable for UEFA events. The Turkish location for the final and semi finals was Istanbul, according to the application. Turkey will most likely apply for Euro 2024.

Before these three countries, the Portugal, Czech , Finnish, Polish and Croatian football association already withdrew applications from Euro 2020.

The Hungarian football association, MLSZ, sent its application to UEFA on last Thursday. Hungary would like to host three group stage matches and one knockout phase match.

UEFA made the final list of applicants on last Saturday. The executive committee will choose the hosting cities on September 19th. Euro 2020 will take place in 13 cities from 13 country. Until last September, 32 countries stated their intention to host matches for the tournament.

For Euro 2020, there were two application options . The first, which Hungary used, is to apply for three group stage matches and one knockout match. There are twelve slots for this option. The second, more prestigious one is for the final and two semi finals; however, obviously only one country will win this. The requirements for the knockout phase is a stadium with total capacity of 50,000 (best 16) and 60,000 (quarter finals) people.

Laszlo Vígh, the government officer responsible for the investment, announced last year that the new national stadium will be built with a new, unique method called stadium within a stadium. Thus the facility will be built in the Puskás Ferenc Stadium, which will have the total capacity of 65,000 people according to the plans.

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