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ISIS has posted a message via a social media website claiming that the previous attacks have just been the beginning, and they are prepared to take action again. Hungary was also mentioned among the threatened countries, vs.hu writes.

The organization threatened both the EU and the United States, where the most opposition comes from. However, they also named several other countries; the message says “Today it’s Brussels and its airport, but tomorrow it could be Portugal or Hungary.” According to an expert asked by The Washington Times that does not mean that ISIS directly threatened Hungary, but it’s a sign that no European cities are safe.

About Belgium they said “We came to your country armed with bombs and guns, to send you to hell. There will be raids in clubs, in schools, at universities, on land and at sea, everywhere, in the name of Allah. Our targets are the army, the police, men, women, children, the elderly. No one will stay alive.”

ISIS directly threatened the United States and said “America forgot that Muslims will not endure humiliation and will not forget to avenge what has been done to them. ISIS will not forget the screams of little girls when the USA marched into Iraq.” The message filtered by The Washington Times also said that the organization will take American women and sell them as slaves at a price for which only the unclean are sold.

The message appeared soon after president Barack Obama announced his plans for accepting refugees running away from territories controlled by ISIS.


The government will seriously consider the information

MTI – The Islamic State terrorist organisation has threatened to attack Europe and named Hungary as a possible target, György Bakondi, chief advisor to the prime minister, told a press conference on Wednesday.

Bakondi said that the government will seriously consider the information.

The chief advisor noted that the interior minister has called five-party talks for Friday to discuss issues around the government’s anti-terrorist action plan.

There is no information to suggest that there have been any Hungarian national joining Islamic State, Bakondi told public news channel M1 on Wednesday evening.

Although it occurred before that people of Muslim faith living in Hungary transferred money to the terrorist organisation, Bakondi said.

These people have been expelled from the country, he added.

Citing Europol data, Bakondi said that there are currently about 6,000 terrorists in Europe.

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Source: vs.hu

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