Israel does not like that the scenery of the song of Boglarka Csemer “Boggie”, who is representing Hungary at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, commemorates of the children killed in Gaza. The country’s embassy in Budapest wants MTVA (the Hungarian media service) to take action in the case, says.

The source of the conflict is that in the background of the “anti-war” song Wars for Nothing, there is in the image – inter alia: “2014 – Gaza – two thirds of the victims are civilian, more than 500 are children”.

Israel wants to censor the Hungarian song.

lan Mor, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary now asked MTVA, which manages the Hungarian part of the Eurovision, to delete this piece of the scenery, because according to him, it is an “offensive” anti-Israel message.

The Ynet reported that representative of MTVA stated that the rules of Eurovision prohibit political messages and they would delete the sentence relating to Gaza. The ambassador also expressed his willingness to meet with the Hungarian musicians to explain them his position of the case, says.

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  1. I’m sorry for Boggie that their freedom of expression was not respected as they were forced to bow to Israel’s orders. But, when they are on stage at the Eurovision delivering their performance live, nobody will be able to control them. I hope they are courageous enough to seize the opportunity and expose Israel for its war crimes

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