According to 19.kerulet.ittlakunk.hu, the holidays come with mild weather on December 24, so white Christmas is not expected this year, either. According to current forecasts daytime temperature will be slightly above freezing.

Based on meteorological statistics, white Christmas is not at all common in Hungary. In the case of Budapest, there is snow at least on one day of the feast about every third Christmas, on average.

In the last hundred years there were only 15 occasions when there was at least 5 cm of snow on all three days of the feast. The “snowiest” Christmas of the capital was in 1935. At that time the holidays started with 30 cm of snow and only 5 cm melted away meanwhile, as 19.kerulet.ittlakunk.hu reported.

According to current forecasts there is not much chance of a white Christmas this year. The mostly overcast, humid weather – which is slightly milder than the average in December – continues in the largest part of the country. Sunshine can be expected only in smaller areas, but significant rainfall and strong wind flow are not expected for the weekend, either.

Snowfall is expected only in the north-eastern regions of the country by Friday dawn. The snow, however, will be short-lived, since nights will not be chilling, and the temperatures will be slightly above freezing – the meteorological service wrote.

based on the article of 19.kerulet.ittlakunk.hu

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