There are a lot of problems nowadays that individually, we cannot directly fight against. For some people, these situations of despair plant the seed of violence and brutality, and as long as this is the case, inhuman crimes such as the following will continue to happen. This time, however, thanks to sheer luck, or perhaps something more, everyone has managed to be saved, and the perpetrators will face the consequences of their actions.

Hikers rescued a newborn left in a field in Máriabesnyő

Bors reported that M. Gabriella from Gödöllő was pregnant. The woman kept it a secret from everyone, even her family, and gave birth to her baby in a field in Máriabesnyő. The newborn was lucky as hikers accidentally found the child.

The young woman did not even go to a gynaecologist or any other doctor and kept the pregnancy a secret from everyone.

The woman’s mother said to Bors that she was living with them, she had no job, and that she did not go to many places. Her trousers were bloody when she came home, but the mother thought that her daughter had her period.

According to Origo, her labour started when the woman was walking, so she decided to give birth in a field. The baby had a premature birth and intra-uterine atrophy. The woman took the baby to a hidden spot and left.

She went home and showered as if nothing happened, then proceeded to take the dog on a walk. The baby was lucky as a couple were walking in the right place at the right time. Patrik Pintér told Bors that he noticed the baby’s tiny head and arms. The newborn was bloody and dirty, and the placenta was still next to the child. He gave the baby to his partner, and Patrik brought help. The couple later found out that the baby only had minutes.

Gabriella’s deed was found out as she got sick and the ambulance took her to the hospital. There, it became evident what happened, and she is now facing the court for attempted homicide against a person younger than 14 years old. Her trial will be on Tuesday.

Nádas Reeds
Illustration Source: Pixabay / WikimediaImages

Man with a shattered thigh bone was left in the reeds to die

Bors reported that back in January, the victim was working in a pub, but instead of doing his job, he was drinking. When the afternoon came, he was already drunk and taunted the guests. His boss and one of the guests asked the man to leave, but he did not. One of the guests became so frustrated he started punching the victim.

He pushed the man and kicked the victim’s thigh with such force that it fractured the bone into multiple pieces, and the victim’s muscles were torn.

According to Origo, the victim became incapacitated by both the injury to the leg and the terrible pain. The bartender asked two guests to get the victim out of the bar. They did not call an ambulance, but – despite the freezing weather – they decided to take him outside and leave him at a bench. The victim was in so much pain that he could neither sit nor lie down.

They decided to take him to the reeds so that he does not bother the other guests and threw him in the reeds. The two men drank a few more drinks and went home.

The victim was no longer able to shout for help, and the temperature was so low he was facing certain death. He was only saved by luck. One of the guests went outside and, instead of the toilet, chose to relieve himself in the reeds. That is when he noticed the dying man. The guest immediately called the authorities, and the victim had to undergo emergency surgery. Eventually, the victim was saved, but the incident caused permanent damage. The man who caused the injury, his relative who helped to throw the victim out, and the bartender will face trial on Thursday for attempted murder.

Biker maniac shot at a couple from Tatabánya

According to Bors, the perpetrator wanted to settle a previous argument, so he chased his victims with a scooter in Tatabánya. But that was simply not enough for him, so he started firing at them. The victims, a man and his girlfriend, were taking a walk in Tatabánya, not suspecting anything, when out of the blue, their acquaintance showed up behind them with a scooter and started chasing them. For them, this might have been scary enough, but they did not know that

Robogó Motorbike
The scooter used by the perpetrator Source:

the perpetrator was planning a drive-by shooting to settle a previous disagreement.

Origo wrote that the maniac drove up to the sidewalk and pulled a gun at them. It was a gas-powered gun for self-defence that the perpetrator owned illegally. He started shooting at his victims from about two metres. The couple was scared to death and fled, screaming.

Gun Shell
The gun shell found by the police Source:

They ran away, but the biker did not give up the chase and shot at them again.

Luckily, no one was injured by the maniac, who is also a recidivist. He will face his trials Tuesday. If he admits his deed, it would be a mitigating circumstance, lowering the possible sentence to 22 months of imprisonment.

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