Two tourists have lost their camera in Szentendre, and the finder is still trying to reach them with the help of the saved photographs, writes.

In November 2014, a Facebook user posted the following message on her wall “We found a camera with countless pictures, we’ve like to give it back to the owner!” The founder was hoping that the more people share the gallery containing the photos the easier it will be to find the couple.

Many people shared the gallery, and with the help of the pictures other users could tell where the couple has a couple lost their camera in Budapesttraveled, including Budapest, Szentendre, the Czech Republic, and New York. They visited Macesz Huszár in Budapest (it’s been renamed to Macesz Bistro) in August 2014. But it didn’t help much as they were tourists and most likely left the country by the time their camera was found.

Many Facebook users suspect that the couple came from the United States, and a Hungarian woman living in the States was adamant that they are from California; she had them as her patients some time ago. However, she was unable to find them on her list. Some suspected that they were from New York, but those photos date back to 2011, so it’s highly unlikely.

If you have any information regarding the name of the couple or their whereabouts, please contact the original poster!

Photo: Golán Ivett’s personal Facebook page

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