Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s southern borders should be “hermetically” closed off to prevent the current influx of illegal entrants which could lead to a humanitarian disaster, Gabor Vona, the head of radical nationalist Jobbik, said on Wednesday.

Vona spoke at a demonstration his party staged near the Roszke border station, and said that the sealing of the border required deploying the military, and added that Jobbik would ensure the two thirds majority in parliament required for a relevant bill to be passed into law.

Vona said migrants should be turned back from the border en masse. “If this requires the methods used against Hungarians in 2006 on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, then so be it,” he said, referring to the party’s views on police actions against protesters in October 2006.

He said “government propaganda” relating to Hungary’s border fence is “not enough” to protect the country, adding that if the government does not adopt Jobbik’s programme, it will inevitably collapse.

Jobbik deputy leader Daniel Z. Karpat said the migration wave is a “consciously organised invasion”. He said “criminals” and “terrorists” needed to be stopped and that a “public health catastrophe” needed to be prevented. Z. Karpat called for the suspension of the Dublin rules so that migrants cannot be sent back to Hungary from the West.

During the demonstration, attended by about 300 people, no migrants crossed the border. Later the demonstrators marched closer to the border, near an police reception point and chanted pro-Hungary slogans when they encountered a group of migrants. Police stood in line separating the demonstrators and the migrants. No incidents were reported.

Photo: MTI


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