Budapest, November 12 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party calls on the government to go ahead with erecting a fence along Hungary’s entire border section with Romania without delay, a spokesman for the party said on Thursday.

  The party urges the fence construction with a view to the recent development that Slovenia has started building its own barrier on its border with Croatia, Adam Mirkoczki told a press conference.

This may prompt migrants on their way to a destination in western Europe to choose an alternate transit route by crossing over to Hungary from Romania, he said.

He said that information pointing to an increasing pressure migration is expected to pose on the Romanian border has reached parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee, and its national security committee as well.

A fence must be erected along the entire, 453-km section of the border before human smugglers begin to routinely use this new alternative transit route, Mirkoczki said, adding that in his view Romania would follow the “Serbian model” and give migrants an easy pass through the border.

Jobbik also urges strengthening police and army patrols at Hungary’s southern borders, Mirkoczki said.


  1. I beleive it is time, that every able bodied person in Hungary should be out on the streets protesting against the EU, and the migration situation started by Merkel of Merkelland.

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