Budapest, March 24 (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party has demanded the elimination of national Roma self-government ÖRO, which is associated with recent corruption scandals.

Jobbik demands that all projects financed through ÖRO should be suspended and the organisation’s assets seized.

Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki held a press conference in front of ÖRO’s Budapest headquarters, which the radical nationalists cordoned off with signs saying “closed due to theft” and “government of cheap Roma votes”.

Mirkóczki said that ÖRO’s activities involved “nothing but forging documents, embezzlement, fraudulent accounting, theft and causing appalling damage to taxpayers.”

ÖRO must be closed until “the perpetrators are put behind bars” and the political elite of the Roma minority is “cleansed of criminals”, he said.

Mirkóczki also demanded that Flórian Farkas, the prime minister’s commissioner and former ÖRO head, should be removed from politics and suggested that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Zoltán Balog, the human resources minister, were also responsible for the situation.

Photo: MTI


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