(MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party thinks that Hungary’s upcoming general election will lead to “scandalous” developments abroad, due to what the party considers an insufficient number of polling stations and an increasing number of Hungarians living in other countries.

Jobbik lawmaker Gergely Farkas told a press conference on Saturday that there had not been enough polling stations abroad for the 2010 election, and while the number of Hungarians working abroad has “drastically increased”, the government has not provided additional polling facilities.

As an example, Farkas said that in the whole United Kingdom, London was the only place where the 10,000 Hungarians living in that country but having a permanent address in Hungary could cast their ballot. That will lead to chaos and long queues at the polls, the lawmaker insisted.

Jobbik finds it unacceptable that while ethnic Hungarians can vote by mail, Hungarians staying in another country are only allowed to vote at embassies or consular offices, Farkas said.

The government “politically discriminates” against those Hungarians, because “they have mostly left the country because of the policies of Fidesz and the previous, Socialist governments”, and the ruling and main opposition parties “could not expect many votes” from that community, Farkas said.

Photo: jobbik.hu

Source: http://hungarymatter.hu/

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