Budapest (MTI) – Inefficient and corrupt governance by the Fidesz party brought harm rather than benefits to the national economy, János Volner, parliamentary leader of opposition Jobbik party, said.

While businessmen serving as “strawmen” for the government have gotten wealthier, emigration from the country has doubled, Volner told MTI on Wednesday.

He said the income of Lőrinc Mészáros, the mayor of Felcsút, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s hometown, had increased 2,500-fold, while young people are “fleeing” the country.

Volner said that in Hungary’s current “cronyism-based” economic model it was not competitive companies but rather those with close ties to Fidesz politicians that got ahead. He said four of Hungary’s seven regions were among the 20 poorest in the European Union.

He said Hungary’s real economy was weak and that there were no Hungarian companies making products of their own. The car industry employs merely 144,000 people, and the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is only increasing thanks to EU funds, he added.

Citing a fresh study by the European Central Bank, Volner said the “average” Slovak citizen had double savings as the average Hungarian. In the study encompassing 20 member states, Hungary placed second-to-last in terms of household savings.

Volner said the Orbán government’s economic policy had again benefitted the country’s richest over the past year.


Source: MTI

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  1. Vicious, factless, accusations coming from a party that tried to hold the government at ransom over the bigger picture of illegal migrants vs business residents that all other countries partake in. Jobbik(Vona) shows how they want control at any price, and let down the country in the process with in abstinence in the referendum vote. JOBBIK, Too right wing, too facist for me…

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