Ádám Mirkóczki

Budapest, January 30 (MTI) – Jobbik believes governing Fidesz is not seeking compromise on the matter of a motion to amend the constitution, the party’s spokesman said in a statement on Saturday.

The motion aims to ensure the government’s “excessive power”, Adam Mirkoczki said, responding to a remark by Bence Tuzson, a member of the National Security Council.

Tuzson told public news channel M1 on Friday that the government would probably not change its proposed amendment to the constitution, in spite of criticism from all opposition parties.

The government has proposed amending the constitution to include a “state of terrorist threat” among instances that mandate the domestic deployment of the armed forces.

In a statement responding to Mirkoczki’s remarks, Fidesz MPs said Jobbik was going against the interest of Hungarian people and wanted to make party politics out of questions of security, thus putting Hungarians at risk. Europe and the world have changed: because of illegal migration, violent criminal acts and the threat of terrorism have become commonplace, the lawmakers added.

The opposition Socialists accused Fidesz of playing with people’s safety and said that instead of trying to find a solution Fidesz has started “another tasteless political game”. The ruling party has put down a proposal that it knew none of the opposition parties would approve, deputy group leader Tamas Harangozo said in a statement on Saturday in response to Tuzson’s remarks. Fidesz aims is to keep people in fear, to divide them, unnerve them and humiliate the opposition in a most derogatory manner, he added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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