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According to Jobbik MEP Gábor Staudt, in its Monday session, the Fidesz-Christian Democratic majority of the Hungarian Parliament’s Justice Committee yet again rejected the constitutional bill that would have kept both poor and rich migrants away from Hungary for good.

Compared to the bill rejected by the Parliament last November, Jobbik’s motion contained only one additional sentence, but

this is the provision that would forever prevent anyone from selling residency and settlement rights in Hungary for money.

Since Fidesz considered all the other provisions of the bill as crucial for defending our country, it could only mean that keeping a chance for relaunching the dirty business is so important for Fidesz that they are even willing to betray Hungary’s national interests, Staudt said.

It is clear for Jobbik that Fidesz’ willingness to protect Hungary fades

as soon as it would come into a conflict of interest with their offshore buddies. Staudt underlined, unlike them, Jobbik, the national people’s party still rejects all migrant allocation quotas, regardless if they are proposed by Juncker or Rogán!

Photo: Károly Árvai

Source: – press release

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