Jobbik Hungarian opposition party
Budapest, 2019. február 2. Sneider Tamás, a Jobbik elnöke a párt évadnyitó rendezvényén a budapesti Dürer Kertben 2019. február 2-án. MTI/Máthé Zoltán

Jobbik leader Tamás Sneider, at the conservative party’s season opening event on Saturday, vowed to “fight to the end” to “eliminate the current regime” and bring about change in Hungary.

In his speech, Sneider stressed opposition Jobbik’s responsibility in unifying Hungary’s “21st-century parties” to succeed in achieving its goals.

He said Jobbik would only cooperate with parties that accept the workings of parliamentary democracy and support a law on investigating the last thirty years of Hungarian politics.

Comparing the current situation in Hungary to the period of the country’s transition to democracy, Sneider said a new change of regime was needed.

He underscored the importance of a future founded on hard work and knowledge, saying that Hungary had to follow the examples of Scandinavia and the Western world.

Jobbik Hungarian opposition party
Photo: MTI

As regards Jobbik’s goals, he said the party first had to strengthen itself and recruit more members. Concerning specific political goals, he listed the democratisation of parliament’s house rules and Hungary’s election and media systems, the creation of independent courts, reforming campaign finance rules, joining the European prosecutor’s office and the establishment of an anti-corruption prosecuting authority.

Commenting on the recent attacks against Jobbik and himself, Sneider said the head of the strongest opposition party would be “the most vulnerable to the media cabal”.

In a message to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Sneider said: “You’ve met your match in me. You are not going to intimidate me.”

Jobbik deputy leader Márton Gyöngyösi said the past year had been the hardest yet for the party, warning that 2019 would be even tougher. He said Jobbik would face many attacks, smears and fines over the course of this year’s European parliamentary and municipal election campaigns.

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  1. So Sneider, you have vowed “To fight to the End”. Haven’t we heard that one from some one else? Yes, of course, it was your boss, Gyurcsány. You are like a parrot. So we find out that it is Jobbik’s responsibility in unifying Hungary’s “21st century parties” to succeed in achieving it’s goals. You plan on forming a democratic parliament with democratically minded parties? You Sneider, here, quote DK, MSZP, LMP and other like minded parties to help you. Oh, and what about this support of a law inestigating the past 30 years of Hungarian Politics. Well, lets see, 12 years of the past 30 years have been taken up with Orbán Viktor and Fidesz, eight years were taken up with 7 years of Gyurcsány’s government and one year of Bajnai, the Socalists, so that leaves 10 years of another Socialist period-so that gives us 12 years Democrats and 18 years Socialists. How far do you intend investigating Sneider, because, except for the 4 years of Democratic government, Hungary was still under the after effects of Communist rule until Orbán Viktor took over again. Investigation would show hardly any change from Communist rule while the Socialist were in. Infact, the eight years prior to Orbán Viktor in 2010, Hungary was really on the verge of bankrupsy, and would have been if the Socialists hd stayed in power. What has happened since 2010 is remarkable. Orbán Viktor and his government has pulled Hungary onto it’s feet and made hungary into a terific country. So, now we ask why you, Sneider would want a change of regime when the country is doing so well? To ruin it and put the country back where it was prior to 2010, raking all the money in that the country has made through massive investments, and to distribute it among you lefties so you can do what Gyurcsány and his cronies did, put it all in your pockets. Do you really think the people in Hungary that voted for Orbán Viktor are that stupid??? So, you Sneider, think Orbán Viktor has met his match in you. Think on you hypoercrit. You are no match for Orbán Viktor. He’ll eat you for breakfast. Orbán Viktor does not have to intimidate you Sneider, as you are low life, and it takes more than low life to run a country. And what do you do with the money you owe ASZ? Just push it under the table???!!! Only rats and thieves would do that, like your boss, Gyurcsány. How can you call yourself a Conservative. A conservative is someone who has a right wing political veiwpoint, someone who strongly believes in Democracy. How can you bee this? You are a Radical Nazi, Radical far Right Nationist Party, Anti-Sematist. Your even worse than that now, because you are associating with Lefty Socialist and Liberals. Do you really think you will attract more members into your so called Conservative Jobbik Party. I suguest you give yourself into the police and put yourself where you belong, in prison for the rest of your days.

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