In Jobbik’s view, Hungary’s current government is two-faced, opportunistic and lacks credibility as it turns against its former sponsor, Hungarian-born US businessman György Soros if its interests so require. After his press conference on the matter, MP Márton Gyöngyösi of the most popular opposition party told Hungarian News Agency MTI how deep the relationship between György Soros and Fidesz was according to the documents revealed last week.

“In the 1980s, the businessman generously funded Fidesz’ “stemming” as well as some Fidesz founders’ education abroad, including that of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and government spokesman Zoltán Kovács,” the politician stated. He also noted that any calls for Fidesz politicians to pay back the money to the financier were unjust because the current government party had earned it by promoting György Soros’ goals and policies in the past years.

He added that Jobbik had already submitted a motion to the National Assembly to perform an overall due diligence of NGOs operating in Hungary and receiving funds from abroad. “Jobbik will resubmit this motion next week and we are looking forward to finding out if Fidesz is willing to back us,” he emphasized.

Source: Press release

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