The head of parliament’s national security committee, János Stummer of conservative opposition Jobbik, has accused Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of being “incapable of exercising power as a democrat”.

Stummer told a press conference on Monday that Orbán had developed his social skills while growing up in a dictatorship and, despite his “shuttlecock policies”, it was clear that the role of an eastern despot came more naturally to him than that of a western democrat.

He cited Orbán’s handling of the Belarus crisis, the coronavirus epidemic and the Navalny affair as proof, stating that they showed that

“Viktor Orbán has chosen an eastern orientation instead of western democracies”.

Jobbik MP Stummer insisted that the Orbán government had been “silent” on the subject of Belarus for a month, and it had also refused to support the “health union” proposed by the European Commission president for handling the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, he added, the government did not side with Germany or other western states regarding the Navalny affair but “played for time”.

“Orbán may very well respect (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel but he’s enamoured by [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” Stummer said.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Jobbik attacked Orban when he met with Lukashenko.
    Now they are attacking him because he is distancing himself from Lukashenko.
    The Navalny thing is not important. As with the Salisbury poisoning there is no proof that Putin was involved. Indeed, if the Russians wanted to kill someone they would not have failed in either of these cases!
    Orban is one of the very few leaders who have excellent ties with the leaders of US, Russia and China!
    That is great news for Hungary and Hungarians.
    One of the tragedies of Trianon was that in 1919 Hungary had no powerful allies. Now Hungary is well regarded by the big three powers.

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