Jobbik is proposing that pensioners should receive benefits after their children’s or grandchildren’s tax payments, Andrea Varga-Damm, an MP candidate of the patriotic people’s party, said on Wednesday.

The rule would be modeled after tax donation rules under which taxpayers are offered an opportunity to donate one percent of their income tax to churches and another percent to NGOs, Varga-Damm told a press conference.

The party has yet to work out the details of the proposal, she said, adding that its aim is to allow pensioners who have had several children to receive a contribution from their incomes to supplement their pensions.

Varga-Damm also called for respectable pensions, adding that income inequality was also affecting pensioners. There are still 600,000 pensioners living below the subsistence level and 100,000 have a monthly income of 50,000 forints (EUR 160) or less, she said.

Source: MTI

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  1. @JOBBIK
    This is the most amount of sense this party has made since it’s demise. See what can happen when you stop fighting and trying to work together by making a very good point. Let’s hope FIDESZ is still willing to open a window to hear you. Other than that, maybe someone on the FIDESZ branch can make the similar point and just help these wonderful national heros. These are people that would have raised their own children or others children in the Hungarian culture, on soil who already paid into the system.

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