Budapest, September 19 (MTI) – Hungarian radical nationalist party Jobbik on Saturday protested against and condemned the NATO command unit planned for the eastern European members of the EU.

In a statement, the party’s spokesman also objected to the “ever growing presence of the American military in Hungary”.

The continued deployment of US arms and the staging of more and more intense military exercises is not the solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, said Adam Mirkoczki. Rather it leads to an escalation, endangering Hungary and the central and eastern European region, he said.

NATO, the statement said, is a defence alliance, but it is clearly behaving more like an aggressor force as far as countries which have recently joined the front line, such as Hungary, are concerned.


  1. The wisest thing that Hungary could do, in my opinion, is to keep well away from America. It is obvious what they are trying to do, and Hungary should play no part. Keep the NATO Base out of Hungary, and withdraw from NATO would be even better.

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