Talking in Hir TV’s morning show, Jobbik’s president stated that his party was glad to represent the interests of leftist citizens but it was not going to ally with the parties of the 20th century, such as Fidesz, the Socialist Party or the Democratic Coalition. “I am happy to see that they feel they need us but we don’t need them,” Gábor Vona asserted.

MTI said, the idea of the Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition and Jobbik joining forces to oust the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats coalition government was raised by Péter Medgyessy, who led a Socialist-liberal government from 2002 to 2004, in an interview on commercial channel ATV.

Referring to the current popularity ratings, Vona said the polls had not shown any significant changes but one thing was clear: Jobbik was the least rejected party and had considerable reserves in terms of secondary party preferences.

Vona also explained that Hungarian citizens did not vote to join the EU in 2004 to give Lőrinc Mészáros a luxury yacht, Antal Rogán a helicopter and Viktor Orbán a narrow-gauge railway, but to close the gap between Hungarian and Western European living standards. However, the past decades have seen a widening gap instead.

Photo: MTI

Source: Jobbik/MTI

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