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Jobbik slams Orbán’s plan to ask voters for donations 

Jobbik slams Orbán’s plan to ask voters for donations 

Opposition Jobbik has criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his recent plan to call on voters to contribute money to finance the government’s campaign against US billionaire George Soros, and said the move was “false and impertinent”. 

“The richest party, or the richest business (in Hungary), is now begging voters for money… Thousands of billions of forints have disappeared, over which Orbán alone now disposes, and this man is now asking voters for money,” Jobbik MP György Szilágyi told a press conference on Wednesday.

Szilágyi noted that ruling Fidesz’s voter base were mostly seniors, many below the poverty line, “whom now the prime minister is asking for contributions”.

Szilágyi said the existence of an alleged “Soros plan” has not been ascertained, and suggested that if there is such a scheme, “it is about Soros helping his people to power at the time of the regime change (1989)… including Viktor Orbán.” “In that case, Fidesz is fighting itself,” he added.


While Fidesz’s policy is “based on hatred and fear”, Jobbik would build democracy and a transparent economy, Szilágyi said. 

Orbán announced on Tuesday that he would contact supporters by mail and ask them for donations to help his party “protect Hungary from the activities of US financier George Soros“.

Orbán, who is also Fidesz’s leader, will describe in the letter the main challenges of the upcoming period and state that “now it is the most important to protect Hungary” from the activities of US financier George Soros in order to ensure that “Hungary should indeed stay Hungarian”, the statement added.

The letter will include a donation form and supporters will be told that their donations could contribute to enabling Fidesz “to fare successfully in the political battles of the upcoming period”.

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Source: MTI

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  1. VEDO

    JOBBIK should slam itself for not THINKING for itself down the road. Dumb shame! Duh!!

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