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Jobbik: State security’s past must be uncovered

Jobbik: State security’s past must be uncovered

Budapest, May 24 (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party has called for documents related to the past activities of Hungary’s secret services to be uncovered, claiming that more and more evidence pointed to members of government suppressing information of their collaboration.

News reports indicate that a former Christian Democrat lawmaker and the head of a charity, both closely tied to the governing parties, had been informers, Ádám Mirkóczki, the party’s spokesman, told a news conference on Wednesday.

He insisted that the Fidesz ruling alliance with the Christian Democrats was full of “informers, agents and servants of the state-security dictatorship”.

The Jobbik politician vowed to put a line under the past and erect a monument to the victims of the state security apparatus.

Fina Aristic

Photo: Wikipedia Commons


  1. Maté Pál

    Jobbik is a nasty nasty political party. They get worse and worse. Just because certain things don’t go their way, they act like naughty little school children, crying and calling names. There is nothing wrong with the ruling parties, and they know it. Jobbik, keep your lying Nazi insults to yourselves. You yourselves sound like Hitler’s mob all over again.

  2. VEDO

    I for a minute thought you guys had some sense, but after this story, recall history. Remember when the jews got tagged for stealing all the business which led a public outcry and revolt and the public had already been disarmed to fight back the NAZI’s. Well you guys are now where near as intelligent as they were so F_king let it go and start working with the only other central right party you know you have to deal with before you trash the entire success over the last 17 years. Remember, if you can’t beat them(which you can’t) join them(Fidesz).

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