Budapest, November 18 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Wednesday that it would file a criminal complaint over suspected forgery of information pertaining to farmland auctions.

Referring to recent media reports, lawmaker Zoltan Magyar said that details about the most valuable plots of land that are presented at land auctions do not match the parameters listed in the land tenders. Magyar said this could indicate that interest groups close to the government may try to use tactics like this to prevent other buyers from obtaining land.

Magyar said Jobbik would examine all tenders for plots valued over 20 million forints (EUR 64,000) and compare their parameters to the information presented at land auctions.

Magyar denied that his party now supports “big business”, arguing that Jobbik has continuously supported local family businesses. He demanded that the government stop the sale of state-owned farmlands immediately.

Fidesz lawmaker Balazs Gyorffy, who chairs the agrarian chamber, responded saying that all information on Hungarian farmlands can be viewed and accessed by anybody in Hungary’s land offices and can then be compared with the information available on the website of the National Land Management Fund (NFA). He insisted that the information available there is the exact same that is presented at the land auctions.

Photo: MTI


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