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The conservative Jobbik party will submit a draft resolution to parliament for Hungary to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), party lawmaker Tibor Bana said on Saturday.

Bana told a press conference that

corruption by the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is threatening Hungary’s access to European Union resources.

Hungary could face a serious cut in funding next year already and in the next EU budget period, with the introduction of the rule of law framework for the EU,

Hungary could lose additional large amounts, he added.

This would damage not only Hungary’s small and medium-sized companies but also the education, health and social sectors, Bana said. Joining the EPPO, which will oversee the utilisation of EU resources only, would resolve the problem and the Hungarian government’s claim that it would hurt the country’s sovereignty is “completely fake”, Bana said.

Source: MTI

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  1. Should the “Visegrad 4” join the “EFTA 4” on the Condition that the HQ of EFTA move from Geneva (which does not have Embassies), to Bratisava (which Does), that would be the Last Hungarians would ever have to hear of such Personages as JC Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt, Judith Sargentini or Tibor Bana.

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