New rules that German, Austrian, French and Belgian authorities are mulling could put around 15,000 Hungarian lorry drivers out of a job, Economy Minister Mihály Varga said on Friday after meeting representatives of haulage companies.

Varga insisted the chief aim of the regulatory changes was to force Central European haulage companies out of the western European market.

The minister cited a German rule requiring lorry drivers to spend their rest periods in commercial accommodation rather than in their cabs. This would raise costs, making it hard for drivers to meet the new conditions.

Regulatory changes that would limit competition and the free movement of services would severely damage the Hungarian budget, diminishing revenue by around 1 percent of GDP, or 300 billion forints (EUR 977m), as haulage companies would be forced out of business, he added.

Varga said the government would lobby at every level to counter the adverse changes.

Source: MTI

  1. No i don’t see it that way. If you add costs to the delivered product, it gets added to the delivery charge and passed on to the consumer. The west is rich, business 101, the drivers get to stay in some nice lodgings when travelling into the west, instead of the roadside, victim to the illegal migrants. The west;s consumers will have to ultimately pay for this positive change if they wish their goods.

  2. Ok,so Hungary Will lose Jobs???Mayby here in Denmark some of our transport companies and drivers Will get Their jobs back…

  3. That sounds bad, losing your Job and your good income. And I can know. It happened to me in 2004, when the cheap drivers came to steal our jobs.

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