Dangerous situations often occur where you would not expect them

The number of accidents at work rose the most in the first half of this year compared to the last five years. Based on statistics, most of them happen in Budapest, in medium-sized companies and the manufacturing industry. 

This year, 11151 accidents have happened at work, 32 of them were fatal, 77 were severe, and 120 of them ended in mutilation

– according to the Finance Ministry’s data. Comparing the capital with the counties, we can see that the Budapest has the worst statistical data. 1836 accidents at work have been registered in the city, and Pest county follows with 1011 – it is not that surprising, considering that most of the workplaces are there. 

On the other end of the list, we can see Nógrád county with the number of 218. Zala and Tolna are also under 300. 138 work accidents were registered from abroad, and two of them were fatal – based on data of the Ministry of Finance. 

According to the statistics, the most dangerous workplaces are in medium-sized companies (with 50-249 employees), because 3805 accidents were noted there.

Small-sized companies (with 10-49 employees) are just a bit behind with the number of 3124. The least dangerous jobs are in corporations (with more than 500 employees) with the accident number of 1856 this year so far – and in the micro-companies (9 employees max.), with only 1201 accidents.  

Welding in a factory

Considering the professions, we can see, the manufacturing industry emerging with 4344 accidents. There were a lot of accidents in the sectors of storage (1424) and vehicle repair and trade (1263). In the building industry, there were “only” 437 accidents, and 12 of them were fatal – but if we add the accidents of construction (145 – 10 deadly), special construction (168 – 2 fatal), we can see a higher number – KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) measures these separately. Agriculture follows with three fatal accidents, but there were many deadly accidents in forest management, typographical and other reproduction activities, metal manufacturing and vehicle production. In the sectors of electricity, gas and steam service, air conditioning many accidents occurred as well, just like in pipeline transportation and storage on land. 

You may have noticed that there were accidents in almost all of the sectors.

0 accidents were only registered in carbon and metal mining, in animal health care, gambling and in domestic work – according to the statistics. It also means that the advertisement and market research also have three accidents, broadcasting service has one, and air transportation has 5. The hospitality industry has 231 accidents registered this year, less than garbage collection (367). In education, there were 453 accidents, more than in advocacy activities (49). 


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