Recent changes to procedural law, better financing of the court system and administrative improvements made by the National Judicial Office (OBH) have resulted in Hungarian courts now being classed among Europe’s most efficient, the justice ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Data of the Council of Europe’s European Commission for the efficiency of justice (CEPEJ) show that Hungary has the second lowest administrative backlog of lawsuits and the European Commission’s Justice Scoreboard suggests Hungarian courts are the fifth fastest when it comes to resolving family-law, economic, civil and administrative lawsuits.

Moreover, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) says that the number of Hungarian-related pending cases has been drastically reduced in recent years.

The ministry said CEPEJ findings on the duration of court proceedings did not relate to the current situation and instead reflected problems concerning case backlogs from years ago which had been resolved in the meantime.

In an earlier resolution, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe called on Hungary to swiftly compensate anyone subject to excessively lengthy civil and criminal proceedings. It also called for information on all relevant legislative developments in order to monitor progress.

Source: MTI

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