Miklósvár, 2017. április 23. A XVI. században épült, felújított Kálnoky-kastély a Kovászna megyei Miklósváron 2017. április 22-én. MTI Fotó: Kátai Edit

Sokszinuvidek.24.hu reports that the building in which a museum has been established was opened to the public last weekend.

Kálnoky Castle of Miklósvár was built in 1648 on the foundation of another building. Through the years the Kálnoky family has got it reconstructed several times, but not only for enlargement – an earthquake and fire also made them necessary. The castle is unique among the castles in Szekler Land with its Late Renaissance outside ornaments.

The Kálnoky family has been owner of Miklósvár since the 16th century. The castle built in 1648 was the property of the family until the death of Count Dénes Kálnoky, after which his niece Ferenc Seethal inherited the estate. It was bought by Eugen Savu in 1939, who lost it during the deprivatization.

Count Tibor Kálnoky – renovator of the castle and founder of the museum – did not manage to get back the inheritance of his family, thus he rented the estate with the building from the local government of Barót in the long run.


The Kálnoky Foundation was supported by the Norway Grants, one condition of the financial aid was to revive the museum of Transylvanian life. The muzeum evokes several eras, and it presents the former lifestyles of the noble, the bourgeois and the peasants by faithful furniture.

The Kálnoky Foundation is not only occupied by renovating the former Kálnoky residence, but it also makes attempts at protecting the heritage of Eastern Transylvania, according to kalnoky.org. Through heritage protection it tries to support the sustainable development of Transylvania and the local community as well.

Photo: facebook.com/Miklosvar
Photo: facebook.com/Miklosvar

Photo: MTI

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Source: sokszinuvidek.24.hu, kalnoky.org

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